A private school created in 2014, the Voltaire Institute is located in the heart of the city of Noumea, close to many shops, museums and transport. You will have access to all amenities and will be able to live at the pace of life in New Caledonia by easily meeting the local population. We offer a variety of French language for foreigners, from beginner to advanced, for both residents and non-residents, adults and children. Our teaching is based on teaching methods and manuals in accordance with the recommendations of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for languages), with an action and socio-cultural approach. Our courses prepare you for all DELF, DALF and TCF test. In each of its courses, the Voltaire Institute focuses on the skills of expression, oral and intercultural understanding.

Our teachers

Director of the Voltaire Institute, head teacher & General, Business and Specific French Teacher

Audience: adults and young adults at all levels

Master in French as a Foreign Language, French as a Second Language and Specific French in school and business with honnor

University degree in French as a Foreign Language, French as a Second Language specialty interculturality with honnor

DAEFLE specialisation in Specific French

DELF, DALF examiner and corrector

Certified Adult Trainers

Director of the Voltaire Institute, I have been teaching French language for foreigners for several years, after completing a few language and cultural trips outside the Caillou. Having a professional background in the banking sector and the environmental field, it is naturally that I specialized in specific and business French.

Caledonian and holder of a Master FFL / FSL / FOS in school and entrepreneurial environments, with honours, and a DAEFLE FOS, what I love above all are the transmission and the sharing of knowledge with my learners, especially the registers of language and variations of French. It is an exciting profession where you learn respect and tolerance towards other cultures.

Marie-Pierre Espirat
Director, Head teacher & Teacher


General French, Business French, Translator and English Teacher & Animator for school and adult language study tours

Audience: adults and children at all levels

CELTA certificate

Certified Adult Trainers

Arriving in the beautiful country of New Caledonia, after a cruise by boat with my children who are taking distance courses, I am teaching there today since 2011.

That is how I discovered my passion for teaching and chose to make it my new job ever since. Teacher of French and English at the Voltaire Institute, I give courses to adults and children, personalizing them according to the needs of my learners. Having been raised in both languages since my birth and being part of both cultures, I am totally bilingual.

Kay Van Zwam
Teacher & Translator


General French and French cultures Teacher, Writer & Animator for adult language study tours

Audience : adults and young adults at all levels

DEA in language science FFL with honnor

Doctorate in language science FFL with honnor

As a teacher in classical literature I worked in middle school and high school, within the framework of the school curriculum of Martinique, Metropolitan France and New Caledonia and at the university of Martinique and New Caledonia. In my first years of teaching in Martinique I was also at the same time recruited for 8 years to train English speaking teachers of French secondary language from the OECS countries and Barbados. This led me to go and animate training courses in Barbados, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica and Saint Vincent.

My Docteral thesis developed hosting strategies and schooling for non French speaking children in Martinique. The way of communicating, curiosity for learning stategies guided me towards the Voltaire Institut which offers a wide range of people and teaching ressources in an atmosphere full of empathy.

Nicole Isch
Teacher & Writer


General French,and Portuguese Teacher & Animator for adult language study tours

Audience: adults and young adults at all levels

Master of Arts, Letters and Languages with honnor

Bachelor of Arts, Languages literature, Foreign and Regional Civilizations Portuguese specialty

Certified Adult Trainers

Originally from the south of France, I moved to New Caledonia in 2016, simply because of its dreamlike landscapes, the generosity of its population and its culture so close to nature. Having my own Spanish origins, I grew up in this linguistic duality that has brought me so much and was not easy every day!

It is therefore quite natural that I went on a linguistic course by obtaining a Master of Art, Letters and Languages, with honours, before specializing in French language for foreigners, which seemed to me to be a totally made way for me, what my experience at the Voltaire Institute has confirmed. Whole and very sensitive, I appreciate life, I have at heart to help my neighbor, in the humblest way possible, I like listening to others and feeling useful to them.

Karole Nodar