The Caillou

New Caledonia is a simply splendid archipelago, with its mountain range stretching from North to South, with its islets of white sand, always surrounded by turquoise water. Its unique flora in the world is a permanent wonder, its lagoon is a UNESCO heritage site.

The Grande Terre is 400 km long and about 50 km wide. The city of Noumea is located in the southwest, is a capital which both dynamic and relaxed, very pleasant place to live in.

Although it is located 20,000 km from Europe, it speaks a French quite similar to that of the France. Its French way of life makes it an ideal destination for Francophiles. There are French products everywhere and amateurs will be able to see that the famous bread-wine-cheese triad is even better under coconut trees!

Geographic location

Located in western South Pacific, New Caledonia has only one to two hours of time difference with Australia, New Zealand or Japan. Ideal destination for short stays, you will be in great shape when you arrive to learn the best and have fun.



New Caledonia offers all kinds of cultural, natural or sporting activities: visits to historical or Kanak museums, outdoor trips to nature parks or at sea, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle, kayaking, mountain biking or hiking…

The currency

The local currency used is the Pacific franc (XPF). Exchange offices and cash machines are available in many public places and in banking establishments.

The climate

The climate of New Caledonia is a semi-tropical climate, with temperatures neither too hot nor too cold. The warmest season runs from December to mid-April and the coolest season runs from June to August. The dry season generally lasts from September to November and the wet season from December to March.

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